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Lucas – The World’s Smartest Horse!

Lucas – The World’s Smartest Horse!

Lukas is a 17 year old Thoroughbred who failed at the track, was found starving in a yard and who Karenbought as a “green project horse” at the age of nine.  Lukas has since become one of the top liberty performers in the country and he has attracted world-wide acclaim for his cognitive tasks. Lukas:

  • Freely performs the Spanish Walk, Passage, curtsey, bow, rear, sit, jambette and much more without any force (Karen doesn’t own a whip). 
  • Can identify letters, numbers and shapes, discriminate colours.
  • Understands the concepts of object permanence, spatial relationships, proportion, same/different and absentness.    

Above all, Lukas and Karen’s bond is their greatest joy – trust, love and harmony are evident to all who see them together. Find out more at

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